Catalonia: Sagrada Familia

One of the most iconic buildings in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, has been built for almost 150 years, and it won’t be finished anytime soon. This is not a surprise since it is the most ambitious project of his architect, Antoni Gaudí. An Expiatory temple paid mainly with donations, where Gaudí devoted most of his life. He worked in Sagrada Familia for 43 years, while he did other projects, but his obsession with the church grew to the point of living in a room next to his workshop, inside the church.

One of Gaudi’s peculiarities was to plan everything and to have all the details under control. Nothing was randomly chosen. The materials, decorations, colors, structures, even the building’s orientation were chosen with a specific reason. This is the building that shows better the three main aspects of Gaudi’s art: his love for nature, due to the long period living in the country side as a child, his devotion to God and his love to Catalan culture.

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    1. thanks François!! I took some of them shile Jessica was in Barcelona! :)

  2. I really love the pics, even better knowing who the photographer is and why she is taking it that way and what she see's.

    1. Thank you JC, I was looking at the pics I took in Toronto and they are so different to the ones i would take now!



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