Made in USA: California Sea Lions

All over the Californian coast you find Sea Lions in the wild, chilling out and enjoying the sun. They are big ( 1,7 to 2,2 meters tall) and heavy (275 to 390 kg). You can distinguish males from females by the fact that mature males grow a large crest of bone on the top of their heads.
Those mammals are very popular in California and in some cities they have become a tourist attraction. The most popular place to see them is in Pier 39, in San Francisco. Normally you will find them sleeping, but once in a while one of them will move and pose elegantly so tourists can take pictures of it. In the website of Pier 39 you can see them live through a web cam!

California Sea Lions in San Francisco

Personally I enjoyed more the California Sea Lions in Santa Cruz, because there are some points in the Pier where you are really close to them and you get to see them better. 

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Don’t get too close to them with your camera because they might bounce against you quickly. They move so fast that you won’t be able to react and they may throw you and your camera into the water.

A Sea Lion posing for me in Santa Cruz

Another great spot to observe them is Big Sur. My friends and I were driving from Hearst Castle to Santa Cruz when we stopped to enjoy the views and we found hundreds of sea lions sunbathing on the sand! There were all quiet and throwing sand over them with their flippers.

A beach near Big Sur

If you want to know more about those mammals check the National Geographic website

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