Made in Greece: Stray dogs

Athens streets are extremely lively: people going to work, selling food on the streets, random kiosks where you can buy anything, tourists taking thousand pictures per minute and dogs.
Many dogs. Most of them are stray dogs and they belong to nobody. They look extremely healthy, some of them even fat, because people feed them and take care of them. Some people put a tag with their phone number in the dog’s collar so if the animal is in trouble you can call them.
They like lying anywhere and sleeping on the street, no matter how noisy it is. When they are not sleeping or eating, they fill their time by following somebody as if it was their owner. Once a dog followed me all night long when I was partying in Athens. I went to a bar to have breakfast before going to sleep and the dog was there waiting for me to finish. And they are really jealous and won’t let anybody to get close to you.

I found this dog lying in the Acropolis, next to the Parthenon

I you want to know more about stray dogs in Athens, check Matt Barrett's article about it.

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  1. Awesome article, made me smile as i love street dogs.

  2. thanks! it is really nice to walk around Athens with all those dogs walking around. They are extremely sweet and calm!



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