Catalonia: Dali's Museum

Dali had a dream. The dream of creating the biggest surrealist art piece in the world, where some of his art would be shown forever. An artwork within an artwork. He did it, and in 1960 he started his biggest creation, the Theatre-Museum. A big building with enourmous eggs on the rooftop, hundreds of breads on the walls and a bunch of sculptures that welcome you to enter into Dali's mind and admire his brilliance.

Dalí choosed the old city theatre to be his museum not by chance, but because it is the place right where he did his very first exhibition. Also, he loved the idea of his museum being in a Theatre. Is there a better place to contemplate his theatrical and eccentric art?

In all the walls, ceilings and corners provocations have been placed in the shape of an artpiece that invites you to be carried along into Dali's unique world. A trip to his fears, to his dreams and to his true love Gala.  He kept working on the museum and adding new pieces of art even after its inauguration in 1974, until his dead in 1989, maquing it a living organism that kept growing with him. It was definetely one of his master pieces. His passion for his last artpiece went so far that he lived here his last years and he even asked to be buried in it (it is said to be his last will, but some people think that he really wanted to be buried next to his wife in Pubol).

One of the things that makes this museum so great is that it is a museum for everyone, and it is yours to figure out what the message, if such a thing exists, of the artist was. Kids get trapped by the magical cars where it rains inside and jewerly that has its own heart beat, teeneagers discover the fascinating world of art where a painting can be two different paintings at the same time and adults try to understand the genius geniality.

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  1. I love this museum :) Nice pics !

  2. Beautiful pics as always! I've been here 5 or 6 times and everytime I discover something new



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