Canada & USA: Totem Poles

The Pacific North West Coast of America was once the land of the natives americans and, as so, there are stil few remains of their culture there. To me, Totem Poles are some of the most beautiful native american heritage that is still left. The first nations people carved them to tell the stories of their origins, where animals and supernatural beings helped them to find family lineages, to tell . Sadly nowadays most Totem poles are moved from their original context, so their real meaning might be uncertain. Despite that, it is stil a pleasure walking around Seattle or Vancouver and finding those superb sculptures, trying to guess the stories they are telling us.

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  1. I love those totem design, I have 2 rings with similar style and I love them.

  2. I wanted to go to Haida Gwaii to see totems for real. See

    Thanks to your gorgeous pictures, I can stay on my chair ;)

  3. You always get the best souvenirs Jess! :)

    I have been looking ad Haida Gwaii pictures and it looks incredible, François. Canada is such a big country, so many places we didn't go to!!



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